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Friday, October 26, 2007

Interstate Container Fitchburg Improves Direct Print Capabilities

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Source: Interstate News, Winter 2007

Interstate Container Fitchburg (ICF) continues to build on its direct print capabilities. Starting with the Lobster box, brought in by Salesman Richard Geyer, we received opportunities at Velcro and Pizzeria Uno. All were printed as 4-colors. Mike Lemieux brought in Uno; Velcro was a house account. This business continues to create differentiation between Interstate and its competition.

New Offerings

ICF has been busy playing with new products. Of note has been the use of a very fine metallic ink. We have metallic gold on the latest Lindt Chocolate displays and metallic silver on the Listerine displays for our Brunswick facility. This product offers the customer a very unique product to catch the consumer’s eye.

Secondly, we have also experimented with printing on a brushed stainless steel effect label. The label has some great applications within household appliances and as display headers, and is printable with our die-cutter.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

INDEVCO Member Places in AICC’s 2007 Corrugated Design Lab Competition

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Currently on assignment with Interstate Resources, Inc., Richa is responsible for design and development at The Center of Technical Excellence for INDEVCO Paper Containers Division. Richa, along with 43 other packaging designers grouped into teams, participated at the event on 10 - 11 October 2007 at the Hilton in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Using functioning CAD tables and computer work stations, teams worked on a real world design problem provided by Central Container Corp.

Richa’s third-place team designed a four-sided corrugated point-of-purchase (POP) display that fit seven SKUs of greeting cards. The display, whose design was reminiscent of the Twin Cities, was within the required footprint restriction and other basic specifications, easily movable from a tiled location to a carpeted floor, and stable on the floor.

3rd Place Team Winners (L – R): Boon Min Si, Great Little Box LtdDory Richa, Interstate Resources, Inc. Livia Waterson, Great Little Box, Ltd Jeff Mills, Bird Packaging Ltd.

Judges evaluated display designs according to a number of criteria: ability to meet customer needs; die-cutting, scoring, slotting and quality; the complexity of converting the display; assembly to fit all parts; joining quality; and ease of assembly and set up.

Gerber Innovations/Data Technology and EskoArtwork fully sponsored the design lab competition.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jim Morgan Named President & COO of Interstate Resources, Inc.

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Source: OUTBOUND E-newsletter, 2 October 2007

Antoine Frem, Chairman and CEO of Interstate Resources, Inc. (IRI), has announced the appointment of Jim Morgan to President and COO of IRI, effective 10 September 2007.

Jim will be responsible for all IRI operations, including the Mill Division, Container Division, and corporate staff activities of Human Resources, Administration and Mill Sales. IRI headquarters is located in Arlington, VA; nine manufacturing plants are spread along the East Coast in Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

IRI is a member of the international manufacturing group,
INDEVCO, headquartered in Lebanon.

Before joining IRI, he was Executive Vice President at Duro Bag Manufacturing Company and President of Duro Designer LLC, both located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to Duro, he was President and COO of Bay State Paper Company.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Charles Feghali Promoted to Interstate Resources Managing Director

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Source: Packaging-online.com, Sep 22, 2007

Charles Feghali has been promoted to Managing Director of Interstate Resources Inc. (IRI)/INDEVCO North America. Jim Morgan succeeds Feghali as resident and COO of IRI.

In his new position, Feghali is responsible for the growth of IRI through major new capital investments. In addition, he will lead the growth in the US of IRI’s parent company, INDEVCO Group, a packaging and consumer goods company based in Lebanon. Feghali has held various positions within the IRI/INDEVCO group for more than 25 years, with the last 11 as President and COO of IRI.

Morgan is responsible for all IRI operations including the mill division, container division, and the corporate staff activities of human resources, administration and mill sales. Morgan joined IRI in February as Executive Vice President and Head of the container division.

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

The FBA Board of Directors Announced Charles Feghali 2nd Vice Chairman

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Source: Fibre Box Association

At the 2007 FBA Annual Meeting, the Fibre Box Association inducted Bill Akers of Akers Packaging Service as the 2007-2008 chairman, succeeding Tom Herlihy of Green Bay Packaging.

Bill Akers noted in his acceptance speech that he will work with FBA to focus on leading the corrugated industry’s sustainability efforts, increasing the outreach and profile of FBA, bringing public policy issues that affect the industry to members and interacting even more with allied associations.

The FBA Board of Directors also announced Tom Hassfurther of PCA as 1st Vice Chairman and Charles Feghali of Interstate Resources as 2nd Vice Chairman. New or re-elected members of the board include Tom Gideon, Weyerhaeuser; Bill Hoel, International Paper; Vern Litzinger, Packaging Services of MD.

Mark Sanders, Bates Container and Mike Fiterman of Liberty Diversified.

The FBA 2007-2008 Executive Committee consists of the following members:
Bill Akers, Akers Packaging – Chairman
Tom Hassfurther, PCA – 1st Vice Chair
Charles Feghali, Interstate Resources – 2nd Vice Chair
Tom Herlihy, Green Bay Packaging – Past Chair
John Davis, Great Northern Corporation
Christian Fischer, GP
Bob McIlvaine, The Royal Group
Dwight Schmidt, FBA
Jack Cooper, Foley & Lardner, Counsel

For more information, contact Dwight Schmidt at

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Interstate Paper Revives Recovery Boiler with Stacked Air System

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Source: Pulp & Paper magazine, Aug. 31, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 31, 2007 (Viewpoint) - The recovery boiler is a blessing and a curse for most mills. It's often the single most expensive piece of equipment in the mill, it consumes a huge (and hugely unpredictable) percentage of a facility's maintenance budget and its down times are at best unpredictable and at worst catastrophic.

Combustion is often far below optimal levels, which causes a host of problems, including high emissions levels, excessive use of auxiliary fuel, char bed instability, low chemical reduction efficiency and a lower than optimal rate of heat-into-steam conversion.

Obviously, improving the operation and efficiency of a recovery boiler will have a substantial impact on a mill's bottom line. But far too many mill managers accept the temperamental behavior of their boilers for two reasons: They don't know that their current boiler's performance can be improved, and they believe that major improvements require million dollar investments in brand new boilers.
This is not so, as a case study from a US mill illustrates.

In early 2003, Interstate Paper in Riceboro, GA, contracted with Anthony-Ross to assess its recovery boiler operations and suggest solutions. Mill managers were concerned about frequent plugging, high maintenance costs and excessive downtime. They wanted a solution that would help their current boiler operate more efficiently, rather than having to replace the boiler entirely.

Step 1: Assessing the Problem

Anthony-Ross begins the evaluation of a boiler's operational challenges with computer modeling. This process, called computational fluid dynamic modeling (CFD), shows a boiler's current operational profile and makes it possible to predict the efficiencies and outcomes that can be expected with several different solutions, all without having to touch the boiler.

Like most clients, Interstate Paper was shocked when the CFD data showed just how inefficient its boiler actually was. CFD modeling clearly showed that one side of the boiler (in this case, the left side) was not being fully utilized. Physical carryover tests on the left and right sides of the boiler supported the CFD conclusions.

In addition, anecdotal evidence, including the propensity of the boiler to plug on the right side, supported the CFD conclusions. This is not unusual. As is often the case with recovery boilers, Interstate Paper's combustion air system was not providing optimal mixing conditions.

A large quantity of excess air was required to improve the combustion rate, pushing the heat release high in the furnace. The mixing system was inadequate; even at high excess air levels, the combustion was incomplete at the bull nose level. In addition, very high levels of CO existed throughout the right side of the furnace, indicating poor mixing and combustion where the flue gases are channeled.

Sufficient oxygen concentration was available for consumption, but the lack of sufficient mixing within the furnace made the oxygen unavailable. The left side of the furnace, in particular, had sufficient oxygen available, but the right side, where the flue gas channeling existed, did not. All of this led to high plugging rates and excessive boiler downtime.

Anthony Ross stacked air system on recovery boiler

The boiler also had problems at the lower furnace. Smelt flows were widely variable and extremely noisy. Chemical reduction efficiency was unsatisfactory, and it was difficult to balance lower furnace conditions with the all important run time of the furnace.

Increasing airflow in the lower furnace raised the carryover of smelt and unburned liquor particles, so airflow was purposely held low. The firing liquor temperature was held near 126° C, and, combined with slow oscillation of both liquor guns, provided bare minimum char bed stability.

However, the greater wall surface-to-load ratio removed heat from the lower furnace, which meant the furnace was extremely sensitive to firing disturbances such as liquor quality sulfidity, percent solids and ash recycle changes. Constant loud "booming" around the spouts was a very real concern from both operations safety and housekeeping standpoints. Under these conditions, the mill found it difficult to keep the lower furnace sufficiently hot to improve smelt runoff and raise the chemical reduction efficiency.

The CFD model data strongly indicated that the existing combustion system was the root cause of the problems on this boiler.

The fundamental "Ts" of combustion (time, temperature and turbulence) did not exist for the required dry solids loading. Clearly, the furnace needed a redesign of the combustion system to speed the mixing time constant, release greater amounts of heat lower in the furnace and reduce the physical carryover.

Although there was sufficient airflow at the secondary and tertiary levels, very little turbulence height existed within the furnace. Flue gas flows passing through the secondary and tertiary air port opening were mixed, but the turbulence quickly subsided after leaving the air port opening zones. The mixing inertia was not maintained above the air port openings, and quickly dissipated after exiting each short mixing zone. In short, much of the furnace volume had very little mixing opportunity.

Conventional System v/s Stacked Air System
These two iso-views show that the vertical velocities are much slower in the stacked air system (right) than a conventional air system. All areas within the orange color have vertical velocities 8 m/sec or greater. Clearly, the stacked air system is able to reduce the upward velocities throughout the furnace, and this has a major impact on the physical carryover of material.

Chimney Effect
The CFD modeling to the left shows the flue gas patterns on the original boiler with a conventional air system versus that same boiler modified to a stacked air system (right). This clearly shows the improved vertical turbulence.

Step 2: Choosing a Solution

With the problem identified, the next step in the process was to use the CFD data of the existing boiler conditions as a baseline, then to develop five potential solutions. Each option was examined and compared with the baseline data. The solution for Interstate Paper was a new Stacked Air System (SAS), in this case, a secondary and tertiary air system.

This system included multi-level secondary and multi-level tertiary air port openings, each arranged to support the mixing momentum generated from the ports below. CFD modeling indicated that the best potential solution was possible by simply changing the air port sizes and arrangements at the secondary and tertiary air levels. The existing FD and ID fan systems were more than sufficient and did not require replacement.

The design that combined the required mixing improvements with the best economy of investment was chosen and engineered. Anthony-Ross engineers developed a plan showing exactly where the new air ports would be cut.

The components for the new air system were engineered at the supplier's headquarters in Beaverton, OR, and then shipped to Riceboro for installation. An Anthony-Ross installation supervisor was on hand to oversee the crew who performed the installation, and an application engineer tuned the air system to optimize performance and then trained the boiler's operators.

Two Air System Configurations: Immediate Results, Long-Term Benefits
The boiler was down for fewer than eight days for the retrofit, and when it came back on-line, results were immediately apparent. Following startup, several physical tests verified the improved boiler performances.

The first indication of improvement needed no tests to verify; the booming noises from the smelt spouts completely disappeared. The boiler came online with little noise, and the higher heat release in the lower furnace was evident by looking through the sight glasses at the primary/secondary elevation. The high heat release allowed a significant reduction in combustion air temperature by closing the low pressure steam coil air heater.

Further improvements developed as the first 12 weeks of operation unfolded. Perhaps most noteworthy was the reduction of operator and management time in correcting, and in some cases eliminating, the all too familiar problems associated with poor combustion performances.

In the first 12 weeks, the mill saw a 61% decrease in boiler downtime. After the first year of operation, much less maintenance was required in the superheaters during the boiler inspection. This resulted in a maintenance saving of more than $80,000 during each annual outage.

Now, four years after installation, Interstate Paper continues to realize the long-term benefits of improved air combustion, which are estimated at $1 million/yr. Longer runtime, increased load capacity, improved reduction efficiency, improved boiler efficiency, decreased emissions and increased operational stability all contribute to a healthier bottom line.

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Interstate Resources' Poultry Corrugated Packaging Travels the Globe

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com/

Source: Interstate News, Summer 2007

Two of our key customers, Mountaire Farm and Allen Family Foods, follow the trend of the poultry industry with only about 10-15% of their mix being exported. However, in overall terms, it is still a large amount of corrugated packaging.

In June alone we ran more than 300,000 international lids for Mountaire. The typical package is small (15 kg, which is 33 lb,or 20 kg, which is 44 lb), but an important part of our business with the poultry producers.

Poultry Export

Between 15% and 18% of all poultry packed in the U.S. is exported around the world. The following is a percentage breakdown of U.S. poultry exports

38% Russia

20% East Asia (Hong Kong)

7% The Caribbean

5% The Middle East

One of the Interstate Container lids that can be seen around the world.

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Interstate Resources Supplies Pressure Treated Wood Manufacturer Universal

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com

Source: Interstate News, Summer 2007

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, Universal is a multi-billion-dollar corporation that is publicly traded (NASDAQ: UFPI) with approximately 10,000 people who work in more than 100 facilities across North America.

Universal is the leading producer of pressure treated wood and North America’s largest manufacturer of engineered roof systems for manufactured housing and site-built construction.The company is America’s leading buyer of solid sawn lumber and the largest customer of North America’s largest mills.

Their national presence allows them to serve retailers, builders, and manufacturers who are growing as a result of industry consolidation and who seek strong national partners to meet multiple needs. Because the company has locations coast to coast, it also serves smaller, independent businesses and helps grow their success.

As the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of wood and wood-alternative products, Universal Forest Products sells in truckload quantities to four markets: retail/do-it yourself, industrial, site-built construction, and manufactured housing. They are the nation’s leading distributor of wood and outdoor living products.

From wood and composite decking, railing and fencing to decorative balusters and post caps, they offer outdoor living products and accessories to satisfy a wide spectrum of budget sand tastes. Universal has fast become the #1 customer of Riceboro Lumber.

Our ability to service them with high quality 4x4 and 4x6 timbers has made Riceboro Lumber a preferred supplier for their southeastern locations. Our products have been supplied to their facilities ranging from Miami, Florida to Hamilton, Ohio. Let’s continue to work together to make both Universal Forest Products and Riceboro Lumber successful during 2007.

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Interstate Container Westminster & Interstate Container Lowell Supply My Grandma’s of New England

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com  

Interstate News, Summer 2007

My Grandma’s of New England was an account that I jointly sold with the company I previously represented. Over the past several years, I remained in contact awaiting an opportunity to once again establish a relationship for Interstate Container Lowell (ICL). I had heard that their present vendor was no longer fulfilling their needs, but My Grandma’s maintains strong loyalties to their suppliers.

When the final decision was made to replace their major current vendor, we were given the opportunity to prove ourselves. They use a combination of packaging materials that we are able to supply from both ICL and Interstate Container Westminster. ICL supplies the various rotary and flatbed die cuts, some in multi colors, as well as the Basic Regular Slotted Containers (RSC) shipping containers. Interstate Container Westminster laminates the Litho printed sheets that ICL die cuts.

To date, the customer is extremely pleased with both the quality of our product and, most importantly, the level of professionalism that our staff employs in servicing their needs. We will supply 80% of their corrugated packaging. By continuing our current level of commitment to this new account, it should just be a matter of time until we win them over 100%.
My Grandma’s of New England creates many different varieties of coffee cakes. We had an opportunity to sample one of the cakes and determined that it was one of the best tasting treats we ever had! My Grandma’s is a company that, in addition to providing their products online, through finer supermarkets and gourmet stores, assists nonprofit organizations and groups raise money through fund raising programs.

The business began with “Grandma’s” famous Cinnamon Walnut coffee cake being baked in a 250 square foot bakery in Newton, Massachusetts. Word got out and soon customers came from all over. Selling out was a daily occurrence.

Eventually, My Grandma’s relocated to Dedham, Massachusetts and expanded their flavor selection to include Granny Smith Apple, Golden Raspberry and Cappuccino flavored coffee cakes. Today their line includes New England Blueberry, Ted Williams Chocolate, Banana Walnut, and Cape Cod Cranberry flavors. Some comments from Dave Purcell, the Sales Representative for this account:

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Interstate Container Inc. Jim Krahn's Receives Award from Dorchester County

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com

Source: Interstate News, Summer 2007

Jim Krahn, General Manager of Interstate Container Inc., accepted an award from the Dorchester County Economic Development Department on April 27 at the 2007 Gallery of Business Greats Awards Dinner.

Jim was presented with the Award of Merit, which is a formal acknowledgement of exceptional efforts in employment opportunities. He also received a Resolution from the Senate of Maryland in recognition of this award.

(L-R): Jeannie Haddaway, Delegate; Jim Krahn;
Brad Broadwell, Director of Economic Development
& Richard Colburn, State Senator

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Interstate Container Cambridge and Prestage Foods: Finding the Right Fit

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com

Source: Interstate News, Summer 2007

Prestage Foods LLC, in St. Pauls, North Carolina, supplies fresh and frozen turkey products to retail and institutional U.S.markets. Interstate Container - Cambridge’s experience running boxes for the poultry and produce industries as well as our design capabilities have helped to create a mutually beneficial partnership with them.

Our relationship with Prestage Foods began almost one year ago when we made our initial visit to their processing plant. Initial meetings uncovered the need for a frozen parts box that would perform under very cold humid conditions and also stack upon a pallet better. Prestage was using an automatic set up clamshell design that absorbed moisture easily and simply collapsed after only a few minutes in their cooler.

Our team at the Cambridge facility analyzed the package and determined that a different design would perform better than the current package. After we presented samples to the Prestage team and explained the benefit of our proposed design, we received the go ahead to begin producing boxes. The benefits of the new design were seen almost immediately.

Boxes held up in the stack off area and in the cooler. Returns due to failed boxes dropped dramatically. Packing personnel commented on how much easier the boxes were to handle and fill. Third party cold storage personnel said that we had helped to make their jobs easier since they did not have to repack failing boxes.

All in all, we had an excellent success story here. In order to solidify the relationship and earn additional business, we decided to propose a layer footprint that would cube pallets and trailers more efficiently. Once we had the correct dimensions, we submitted another set of samples to Prestage. They quickly approved the new layer design, and we began producing the new box. The results were very rewarding.

According to Ken Braswell, General Manager of Prestage, we have pulled close to $75 K per year out of their packing and shipping operation costs. Boxes are performing better than ever with more boxes on each layer helping to hold the entire pallet together.

In fact the boxes are performing to the point that Prestage has been able to increase the number of boxes per pallet. In short, we have a very happy customer who is working with us to increase our presence at their facility and to help open doors with other processors in the region.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Weber Display and Packaging Names Interstate Resources 2006 Vendor of the Year

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com/ 

OUTBOUND E-newsletter, 14 June 2007

Interstate Resources, Inc. (IRI) was named 2006 Vendor of the Year by Weber Display and Packaging, a manufacturer of corrugated boxes and displays based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The award acknowledges IRI’s outstanding performance in customer service and sales.

Since 2003, IRI has supplied Weber with corrugated raw materials from two paper mills within the manufacturing group. Each month,
Interstate Paper LLC in Riceboro, Georgia, supplies 1,000 tons of kraft liner, while United Corrstack LLC in Reading, Pennsylvania, provides 400 tons of corrugating medium.

Weber’s chairman, Jim Doherty, Sr. presented the award to Joe Oswald, IRI Northeast Regional Mill Sales Manager, on behalf of Interstate Resources Inc. Doherty explained,

"IRI is independent like we are... They have a culture that is alive and resonates with each employee as they exhibit their ‘can-do’ attitude. Their exemplary quality and customer service are refreshing. They exhibit a rare display of market sensitivity, flexibility and a willingness to solve any challenges…They exceed our expectations on a regular basis.”

L-R: Jim Doherty Jr., Weber General ManagerJoe Oswald, IRI Northeast Regional Sales ManagerJim Doherty Sr., Weber President

Oswald confirmed that the award reflects the synergy IRI shares with this customer. In an e-mail to IRI support personnel who supply Weber, he wrote,

“Each mill team and each IRI staff member should know the value of their individual contributions. We obviously have seen a significant increase in volume, but we earned something that has unlimited value: respect.”

Interstate Resources Inc. is a member of INDEVCO Group, an international manufacturing group.

Company Background

Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Interstate Resources, Inc. has manufacturing facilities in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The group employs over 900 people. IRI has a capacity of 320,000 tons of linerboard and 160,000 tons of medium per year. The corrugated converting and packaging operations have a total annual capacity of 3.4 billion square feet.


Interstate Resources, Inc.
1800 North Kent Street, Suite 1200
Arlington, VA 22209 - 2145

Tel: (703) 243-3355
Fax: (703) 243-4681

E-mail: general_inquiries@iripaper.com

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Interstate Container Reading & United Corrstack Win Again with United Way

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com

Source: Interstate News, Spring 2007

The winning combination for United Way is the team of Interstate Container Reading and United Corrstack. This year, these two affiliates were honored with the Frank R. Palmer Corporate Citizen Award. Thanks to all who donate time, effort and money to United Way in the Reading area.

A special thanks to Lottie Fords on whose dedication as Loan Campaign Specialist was undeniably valuable in enhancing our reputation in the community.

“We were thrilled to present this award to everyone at Interstate Container and United Corrstack,” said Jessica Heil, Marketing/Communications Program Manager at United Way of Berks County.

Jeff Coleman, Lottie Fordson, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sidhu, Campaign Directors for 2006, Dana Nasados and Dave Stauffer

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Interstate Container Cambridge Runs Pre-Print Request

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com/

Source: Interstate News, Spring 2007

The Interstate Container Cambridge (ICI) team recently ran its first pre-print order. Using ICI’s Cut-To-Mark capabilities, the test was a success and finished samples were presented to our largest customer, Mountaire Farms.

This capability will allow ICI to offer waxed packaging options not currently available to the poultry market. It will also allow us to offer innovative packing to other potential customers. This project was a joint effort between ICI, the ICR graphics team and INDEVCO’s Saudi Arabia printing operation.

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Interstate Container in the Spotlight of the Corrugated Companies

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com
Source: Interstate News, Spring 2007

In March, Pete Bugas, National Account Manager, was a key note speaker at the Sustainable Packaging Conference in Orlando, Florida. Other companies speaking about efforts to change to more sustainable products included Coca Cola, Dupont and Kraft.

Pete talked about our ground level success of using impregnating wax made from a renewable source, and putting a recycling program into our customers’ building. The response was fantastic and Pete’s efforts are to be commended.

Interstate was in the spotlight as the corrugated company furthest along in the elimination of a petroleum wax based product. IP and Smurfit also presented but spoke about their forestry efforts and ties to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Conferences like these are important to market Interstate’s name and the difference a small company can make.

Pete Bugas speaks at an industry conference

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Interstate’s Lowell and Fitchburg Plants Awarded a Two Year Contract

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com
Source: Interstate News, Spring 2007

Interstate’s Lowell and Fitchburg plants won a two-year contract with Uno Foods. Interstate Lowell and Fitchburg will supply regular slotted containers (RSC’s), corrugated die-cut pads and trays, to a four color E-flute box with a cellophane window laminated inside.

Interstate Container Lowell (ICL) partnership with Uno Foods began in August 2006, but the history goes back over 15 years. Two key people currently at Uno Foods worked for Rich Products, which closed its doors in Marlborough, Massachusetts and moved to Virginia. These two people remembered ICL and, when the opportunity was right, they asked ICL to provide a proposal.

Interstate Container Lowell will produce all the Regular Slotted Container’s (RSC) and die-cuts, Interstate Container Fitchburg will produce the four-color graphics. Interstate Containers also partnered with a folding box company to apply the windows and glue the boxes. Recently, we were awarded the 16-inch corrugated pizza box that is also four-color and has a window laminated inside. Production begins in April on this item, with an estimated volume of 66,000 units per month. Uno Foods is growing rapidly, keeping our Production and Design departments in both Lowell and Fitchburg on their toes.

Uno Foods (retail division) began in a basement in one of their Boston restaurants and has grown into its present location in Brockton, Massachusetts. They produce 66,000 pizzas and related items per day. All products produced in Brockton are made by hand and use the same ingredients and recipes as their famous restaurants. Uno Foods products are sold in over 6,000 grocery stores and are served in hotels, stadiums, airports and schools across the country.

The Research and Development is done through Uno Foods, but the actual customer is Perkins Paper. Perkins Paper fits into this equation in that they warehouse and distribute many items for Uno’s and they work very closely with the Sales and Production team, reviewing Uno’s needs every week and then placing orders with us.

Perkins makes up to three deliveries per day to Uno Foods. In addition to the corrugated boxes Interstate provides, Perkins delivers all food-related items required by them.

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Interstate Container Cambridge Serves Poultry Producers

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com

Source: Interstate News, Spring 2007

Interstate Container - Cambridge, corrugated packaging manufacturer in the United States, primarily serves large volume poultry accounts. Last year, the team was successful in gaining a 100% supply position at Mountaire Farms, an account now worth over $25 million annually in sales.

This year, after a very tight competition, the Cambridge team was successful in winning the
Allen Family Foods business, which will add another $10 million in sales.

According to Jim Krahn, General Manager at Cambridge, “This was an all-around excellent effort by the entire Cambridge team. From production, to sales, to maintenance, to the front office, everyone played a role in winning this business.

This victory is exactly what we need to continue to profitably grow our business.” Allen Family Foods will start transitioning orders to Cambridge in April. The Cambridge team has their work cut out for them as sales and production will increase 25% in just 30 days.

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Interstate Resources Donates to Lebanese American University

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com

Source: Interstate News, Spring 2007

During a visit of the President of the Lebanese American University (LAU) to the Interstate Resources offices in Arlington, Charles Feghali, Interstate Resources President, presented a check to Joseph Jabbra, President of LAU.

LAU is a multi-campus career-oriented institution which prepares students for responsible living, fully aware of the rich heritage and multiple needs of their respective communities. With two campuses in Beirut and Byblos, the university is at the crossroads of many interacting educational systems. The student body represents over 50 nationalities.

LAU is a member of the Association of American International Colleges and Universities.

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Interstate Resources Receives Vendor of the Year Award

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com

Source: Interstate News, Spring 2007

Joe Oswald, Interstate Resources Mill Sales Representative, accepted the Vendor of the Year Award from Weber Display and Packaging on behalf of the Interstate Resources. Weber’s Chairman, Jim Doherty, Sr., had the following comments during the presentation of the award:

This award has been presented by Weber for the last 16 years. In an e-mail to the many support personnel who help supply this customer, Joe said that the award reflected the unique synergy we share as a company. “Each mill team and each IRI staff member should know the value of their individual contributions. We obviously have seen a significant increase in volume, but we earned something that has unlimited value: respect.”

Interstate Resources is independent like we are . . . They have a culture that is alive and resonates with each employee as they exhibit their “can-do” attitude. Their exemplary quality and customer service isrefreshing. They exhibit a rare display of market sensitivity, flexibility and a willingness to solve any challenges . . . They exceed our expectations on a regular basis.

Congratulations to the entire team for earning the respect of Weber Display and Packaging.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Interstate Container Brunswick Supplies Costco

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com/

Source: Interstate News, Spring 2007

Interstate Container Brunswick supplies Costco. The corrugated manufacturing plant has been serving Northeast distribution center in Monroe, NJ for about 22 months now. This account continues to grow due tothe challenges they put forth and our ability to satisfy these requests.

Initially, Interstate Container Brunswick role was the small run, short lead time, specialty-type project supplier. The projects, for the most part, were promotional items that would be presented in their stores in a specialty package or pallet display. Usually these items were a one-time promotion with no repeat orders.

Production runs were 1000-3000 quantities of trays and inserts, which we developed. In the last year, we have been challenged with several key projects and have received high marks for our response. One more recent success story occurred this past holiday season when Costco struggled with a way to show three new video game systems: Nintendo Wii, MicroSoft X-Box 360, and Sony Playstation 3.

Costco wanted to bundle these games in their own package by including a controller, video game disc and other accessories not found in other stores. They designed a clam shell to house the systems. The problem was that supporting over 40 lbs each, the clam shell had inherent structural problems.

We designed a one-piece corrugated frame to protect the clam shell edges from damage and allow it to stand upright in a pallet display. The frame also provided maximum product visibility. By incorporating a suitcase-type handle we also gave the consumer an easy way to carry it. Costco continues to challenge us with projects.

Costco prides itself for finding ways to adapt new technology to make their packaging innovative and their customers’ shopping experience better. Our progress in this account reflects Interstate Container Brunswick’s ability to meet and exceed their challenge.

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Southern States Packaging Company Sources Kraft Linerboard from Interstate Paper

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com

Source: Interstate News, Spring 2007

For the past eight years, Southern States Packaging Company has come to rely on Interstate Paper for solutions to a majority of their packaging needs. Interstate Paper supplies Southern States Packaging Company with linerboard that ranges in basis weight from 35# HRC to 69# Kraft liner.

In addition to these grades, Interstate Paper's product development team and manufacturing staff, are working closely to develop and commercialize several high bulk specialty grades that will allow Southern States to strategically position themselves in several niche markets.

This opportunity could generate a sizeable amount of new business for our Riceboro Mill. Due to Interstate Paper’s unique services including: our Just in Time (JIT) stocking program, attention to customers’ needs, and our outstanding quality that has met the needs and expectations of Southern States, we have earned a substantial supply position at this company. Our desire for the future is to expand our business at Southern States and further develop and sustain a preferred supplier relationship with this valuable customer.

Southern States Packaging Company, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, has been in business since 1984. The 27-year-old company is a leading manufacturer of paper board packaging products for a variety of industries. The company is a full service converter that manufactures a broad range of specialty products that include headers, roll wrap, solid fiber laminations, wax replacement, water, grease, and abrasion resistant coatings.

Substrates used to produce these unique products range from 26 # to 90 # kraft linerboard. Major equipment required to manufacture these specialty grades includes a state of the art coater (functional and non-functional coatings), laminators, sheeters, and die-cutters.

Due to Southern States’ sophisticated equipment, they are able to consistently provide their customers with laminations that require accurate coating weights, consistent profiles, and accurate moisture profiles. Southern States competes in a highly challenging market and because their business is so cost competitive, the company is always looking for ways to lower their cost wherever possible but not at the expense of quality.

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Thursday, February 1, 2007

American Forestry & Paper Association Adopts New Safety Award System Proposed by Interstate Resources

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com/
Interstate News, Winter 2007

For many years, the American Forestry and Paper Association (AF&PA) has recognized the safest companies and their individual facilities with annual awards; however, the system for determining the winners was, in part, a lottery based on number of hours worked.

As a result, in the “primary mill” category, for example, only four companies would receive the award, even if a larger number had no injuries in a calendar year. The four chosen were the largest in four arbitrary “size” categories.

Interstate Resources proposed a revision of the system that the other companies in the industry support and will become the new method. In the future, all plants and mills of member companies that have no injuries in a calendar year will receive an award recognizing this achievement. If fifteen mills have no injuries, all will receive the award, not just four of them.

In this way, the AF&PA is able to promote publicly the best practices in our industry and show the world all of its successful members, rather than just a few. In addition, the annual practice of recognizing the companies and their facilities with no lost-days injuries will continue.
In this category, the AF&PA was already recognizing all successful companies.

In a related matter, the AF&PA has also adopted the Interstate proposal for reporting industry safety statistics to participants in the annual survey in a spread sheet, instead of the “paper copy only” format of the past. This will make the information more meaningful for purposes of measuring quartiles and other relative performance data that companies are interested in obtaining.

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