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Thursday, February 1, 2007

American Forestry & Paper Association Adopts New Safety Award System Proposed by Interstate Resources

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Interstate News, Winter 2007

For many years, the American Forestry and Paper Association (AF&PA) has recognized the safest companies and their individual facilities with annual awards; however, the system for determining the winners was, in part, a lottery based on number of hours worked.

As a result, in the “primary mill” category, for example, only four companies would receive the award, even if a larger number had no injuries in a calendar year. The four chosen were the largest in four arbitrary “size” categories.

Interstate Resources proposed a revision of the system that the other companies in the industry support and will become the new method. In the future, all plants and mills of member companies that have no injuries in a calendar year will receive an award recognizing this achievement. If fifteen mills have no injuries, all will receive the award, not just four of them.

In this way, the AF&PA is able to promote publicly the best practices in our industry and show the world all of its successful members, rather than just a few. In addition, the annual practice of recognizing the companies and their facilities with no lost-days injuries will continue.
In this category, the AF&PA was already recognizing all successful companies.

In a related matter, the AF&PA has also adopted the Interstate proposal for reporting industry safety statistics to participants in the annual survey in a spread sheet, instead of the “paper copy only” format of the past. This will make the information more meaningful for purposes of measuring quartiles and other relative performance data that companies are interested in obtaining.

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