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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Interstate’s Lowell and Fitchburg Plants Awarded a Two Year Contract

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Source: Interstate News, Spring 2007

Interstate’s Lowell and Fitchburg plants won a two-year contract with Uno Foods. Interstate Lowell and Fitchburg will supply regular slotted containers (RSC’s), corrugated die-cut pads and trays, to a four color E-flute box with a cellophane window laminated inside.

Interstate Container Lowell (ICL) partnership with Uno Foods began in August 2006, but the history goes back over 15 years. Two key people currently at Uno Foods worked for Rich Products, which closed its doors in Marlborough, Massachusetts and moved to Virginia. These two people remembered ICL and, when the opportunity was right, they asked ICL to provide a proposal.

Interstate Container Lowell will produce all the Regular Slotted Container’s (RSC) and die-cuts, Interstate Container Fitchburg will produce the four-color graphics. Interstate Containers also partnered with a folding box company to apply the windows and glue the boxes. Recently, we were awarded the 16-inch corrugated pizza box that is also four-color and has a window laminated inside. Production begins in April on this item, with an estimated volume of 66,000 units per month. Uno Foods is growing rapidly, keeping our Production and Design departments in both Lowell and Fitchburg on their toes.

Uno Foods (retail division) began in a basement in one of their Boston restaurants and has grown into its present location in Brockton, Massachusetts. They produce 66,000 pizzas and related items per day. All products produced in Brockton are made by hand and use the same ingredients and recipes as their famous restaurants. Uno Foods products are sold in over 6,000 grocery stores and are served in hotels, stadiums, airports and schools across the country.

The Research and Development is done through Uno Foods, but the actual customer is Perkins Paper. Perkins Paper fits into this equation in that they warehouse and distribute many items for Uno’s and they work very closely with the Sales and Production team, reviewing Uno’s needs every week and then placing orders with us.

Perkins makes up to three deliveries per day to Uno Foods. In addition to the corrugated boxes Interstate provides, Perkins delivers all food-related items required by them.

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