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Monday, July 2, 2007

Interstate Resources' Poultry Corrugated Packaging Travels the Globe

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Source: Interstate News, Summer 2007

Two of our key customers, Mountaire Farm and Allen Family Foods, follow the trend of the poultry industry with only about 10-15% of their mix being exported. However, in overall terms, it is still a large amount of corrugated packaging.

In June alone we ran more than 300,000 international lids for Mountaire. The typical package is small (15 kg, which is 33 lb,or 20 kg, which is 44 lb), but an important part of our business with the poultry producers.

Poultry Export

Between 15% and 18% of all poultry packed in the U.S. is exported around the world. The following is a percentage breakdown of U.S. poultry exports

38% Russia

20% East Asia (Hong Kong)

7% The Caribbean

5% The Middle East

One of the Interstate Container lids that can be seen around the world.

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Interstate Resources Supplies Pressure Treated Wood Manufacturer Universal

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Source: Interstate News, Summer 2007

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, Universal is a multi-billion-dollar corporation that is publicly traded (NASDAQ: UFPI) with approximately 10,000 people who work in more than 100 facilities across North America.

Universal is the leading producer of pressure treated wood and North America’s largest manufacturer of engineered roof systems for manufactured housing and site-built construction.The company is America’s leading buyer of solid sawn lumber and the largest customer of North America’s largest mills.

Their national presence allows them to serve retailers, builders, and manufacturers who are growing as a result of industry consolidation and who seek strong national partners to meet multiple needs. Because the company has locations coast to coast, it also serves smaller, independent businesses and helps grow their success.

As the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of wood and wood-alternative products, Universal Forest Products sells in truckload quantities to four markets: retail/do-it yourself, industrial, site-built construction, and manufactured housing. They are the nation’s leading distributor of wood and outdoor living products.

From wood and composite decking, railing and fencing to decorative balusters and post caps, they offer outdoor living products and accessories to satisfy a wide spectrum of budget sand tastes. Universal has fast become the #1 customer of Riceboro Lumber.

Our ability to service them with high quality 4x4 and 4x6 timbers has made Riceboro Lumber a preferred supplier for their southeastern locations. Our products have been supplied to their facilities ranging from Miami, Florida to Hamilton, Ohio. Let’s continue to work together to make both Universal Forest Products and Riceboro Lumber successful during 2007.

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Interstate Container Westminster & Interstate Container Lowell Supply My Grandma’s of New England

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Interstate News, Summer 2007

My Grandma’s of New England was an account that I jointly sold with the company I previously represented. Over the past several years, I remained in contact awaiting an opportunity to once again establish a relationship for Interstate Container Lowell (ICL). I had heard that their present vendor was no longer fulfilling their needs, but My Grandma’s maintains strong loyalties to their suppliers.

When the final decision was made to replace their major current vendor, we were given the opportunity to prove ourselves. They use a combination of packaging materials that we are able to supply from both ICL and Interstate Container Westminster. ICL supplies the various rotary and flatbed die cuts, some in multi colors, as well as the Basic Regular Slotted Containers (RSC) shipping containers. Interstate Container Westminster laminates the Litho printed sheets that ICL die cuts.

To date, the customer is extremely pleased with both the quality of our product and, most importantly, the level of professionalism that our staff employs in servicing their needs. We will supply 80% of their corrugated packaging. By continuing our current level of commitment to this new account, it should just be a matter of time until we win them over 100%.
My Grandma’s of New England creates many different varieties of coffee cakes. We had an opportunity to sample one of the cakes and determined that it was one of the best tasting treats we ever had! My Grandma’s is a company that, in addition to providing their products online, through finer supermarkets and gourmet stores, assists nonprofit organizations and groups raise money through fund raising programs.

The business began with “Grandma’s” famous Cinnamon Walnut coffee cake being baked in a 250 square foot bakery in Newton, Massachusetts. Word got out and soon customers came from all over. Selling out was a daily occurrence.

Eventually, My Grandma’s relocated to Dedham, Massachusetts and expanded their flavor selection to include Granny Smith Apple, Golden Raspberry and Cappuccino flavored coffee cakes. Today their line includes New England Blueberry, Ted Williams Chocolate, Banana Walnut, and Cape Cod Cranberry flavors. Some comments from Dave Purcell, the Sales Representative for this account:

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Interstate Container Inc. Jim Krahn's Receives Award from Dorchester County

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Source: Interstate News, Summer 2007

Jim Krahn, General Manager of Interstate Container Inc., accepted an award from the Dorchester County Economic Development Department on April 27 at the 2007 Gallery of Business Greats Awards Dinner.

Jim was presented with the Award of Merit, which is a formal acknowledgement of exceptional efforts in employment opportunities. He also received a Resolution from the Senate of Maryland in recognition of this award.

(L-R): Jeannie Haddaway, Delegate; Jim Krahn;
Brad Broadwell, Director of Economic Development
& Richard Colburn, State Senator

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Interstate Container Cambridge and Prestage Foods: Finding the Right Fit

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Source: Interstate News, Summer 2007

Prestage Foods LLC, in St. Pauls, North Carolina, supplies fresh and frozen turkey products to retail and institutional U.S.markets. Interstate Container - Cambridge’s experience running boxes for the poultry and produce industries as well as our design capabilities have helped to create a mutually beneficial partnership with them.

Our relationship with Prestage Foods began almost one year ago when we made our initial visit to their processing plant. Initial meetings uncovered the need for a frozen parts box that would perform under very cold humid conditions and also stack upon a pallet better. Prestage was using an automatic set up clamshell design that absorbed moisture easily and simply collapsed after only a few minutes in their cooler.

Our team at the Cambridge facility analyzed the package and determined that a different design would perform better than the current package. After we presented samples to the Prestage team and explained the benefit of our proposed design, we received the go ahead to begin producing boxes. The benefits of the new design were seen almost immediately.

Boxes held up in the stack off area and in the cooler. Returns due to failed boxes dropped dramatically. Packing personnel commented on how much easier the boxes were to handle and fill. Third party cold storage personnel said that we had helped to make their jobs easier since they did not have to repack failing boxes.

All in all, we had an excellent success story here. In order to solidify the relationship and earn additional business, we decided to propose a layer footprint that would cube pallets and trailers more efficiently. Once we had the correct dimensions, we submitted another set of samples to Prestage. They quickly approved the new layer design, and we began producing the new box. The results were very rewarding.

According to Ken Braswell, General Manager of Prestage, we have pulled close to $75 K per year out of their packing and shipping operation costs. Boxes are performing better than ever with more boxes on each layer helping to hold the entire pallet together.

In fact the boxes are performing to the point that Prestage has been able to increase the number of boxes per pallet. In short, we have a very happy customer who is working with us to increase our presence at their facility and to help open doors with other processors in the region.

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