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Monday, July 2, 2007

Interstate Container Cambridge and Prestage Foods: Finding the Right Fit

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Source: Interstate News, Summer 2007

Prestage Foods LLC, in St. Pauls, North Carolina, supplies fresh and frozen turkey products to retail and institutional U.S.markets. Interstate Container - Cambridge’s experience running boxes for the poultry and produce industries as well as our design capabilities have helped to create a mutually beneficial partnership with them.

Our relationship with Prestage Foods began almost one year ago when we made our initial visit to their processing plant. Initial meetings uncovered the need for a frozen parts box that would perform under very cold humid conditions and also stack upon a pallet better. Prestage was using an automatic set up clamshell design that absorbed moisture easily and simply collapsed after only a few minutes in their cooler.

Our team at the Cambridge facility analyzed the package and determined that a different design would perform better than the current package. After we presented samples to the Prestage team and explained the benefit of our proposed design, we received the go ahead to begin producing boxes. The benefits of the new design were seen almost immediately.

Boxes held up in the stack off area and in the cooler. Returns due to failed boxes dropped dramatically. Packing personnel commented on how much easier the boxes were to handle and fill. Third party cold storage personnel said that we had helped to make their jobs easier since they did not have to repack failing boxes.

All in all, we had an excellent success story here. In order to solidify the relationship and earn additional business, we decided to propose a layer footprint that would cube pallets and trailers more efficiently. Once we had the correct dimensions, we submitted another set of samples to Prestage. They quickly approved the new layer design, and we began producing the new box. The results were very rewarding.

According to Ken Braswell, General Manager of Prestage, we have pulled close to $75 K per year out of their packing and shipping operation costs. Boxes are performing better than ever with more boxes on each layer helping to hold the entire pallet together.

In fact the boxes are performing to the point that Prestage has been able to increase the number of boxes per pallet. In short, we have a very happy customer who is working with us to increase our presence at their facility and to help open doors with other processors in the region.

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