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Monday, July 2, 2007

Interstate Container Westminster & Interstate Container Lowell Supply My Grandma’s of New England

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Interstate News, Summer 2007

My Grandma’s of New England was an account that I jointly sold with the company I previously represented. Over the past several years, I remained in contact awaiting an opportunity to once again establish a relationship for Interstate Container Lowell (ICL). I had heard that their present vendor was no longer fulfilling their needs, but My Grandma’s maintains strong loyalties to their suppliers.

When the final decision was made to replace their major current vendor, we were given the opportunity to prove ourselves. They use a combination of packaging materials that we are able to supply from both ICL and Interstate Container Westminster. ICL supplies the various rotary and flatbed die cuts, some in multi colors, as well as the Basic Regular Slotted Containers (RSC) shipping containers. Interstate Container Westminster laminates the Litho printed sheets that ICL die cuts.

To date, the customer is extremely pleased with both the quality of our product and, most importantly, the level of professionalism that our staff employs in servicing their needs. We will supply 80% of their corrugated packaging. By continuing our current level of commitment to this new account, it should just be a matter of time until we win them over 100%.
My Grandma’s of New England creates many different varieties of coffee cakes. We had an opportunity to sample one of the cakes and determined that it was one of the best tasting treats we ever had! My Grandma’s is a company that, in addition to providing their products online, through finer supermarkets and gourmet stores, assists nonprofit organizations and groups raise money through fund raising programs.

The business began with “Grandma’s” famous Cinnamon Walnut coffee cake being baked in a 250 square foot bakery in Newton, Massachusetts. Word got out and soon customers came from all over. Selling out was a daily occurrence.

Eventually, My Grandma’s relocated to Dedham, Massachusetts and expanded their flavor selection to include Granny Smith Apple, Golden Raspberry and Cappuccino flavored coffee cakes. Today their line includes New England Blueberry, Ted Williams Chocolate, Banana Walnut, and Cape Cod Cranberry flavors. Some comments from Dave Purcell, the Sales Representative for this account:

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