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Monday, July 2, 2007

Interstate Resources' Poultry Corrugated Packaging Travels the Globe

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Source: Interstate News, Summer 2007

Two of our key customers, Mountaire Farm and Allen Family Foods, follow the trend of the poultry industry with only about 10-15% of their mix being exported. However, in overall terms, it is still a large amount of corrugated packaging.

In June alone we ran more than 300,000 international lids for Mountaire. The typical package is small (15 kg, which is 33 lb,or 20 kg, which is 44 lb), but an important part of our business with the poultry producers.

Poultry Export

Between 15% and 18% of all poultry packed in the U.S. is exported around the world. The following is a percentage breakdown of U.S. poultry exports

38% Russia

20% East Asia (Hong Kong)

7% The Caribbean

5% The Middle East

One of the Interstate Container lids that can be seen around the world.

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