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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Interstate Container Reading Installs Bobst Pacific Polyjoiner

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Source: Interstate News, Spring 2008

Author: Ron McInnis, Operations Manager

Interstate Container Reading (ICR) installed a new Bobst polyjoiner specialty gluer during October of 2007. This is only the third machine of its kind sold in North America. Its flexibility allows for the production of value-added products, such as two-part display boxes, boxes with partitions, box-in-boxes, as well as conventional boxes.

The polyjoiner module has the latest technology, utilizing a unique robot which enables the simultaneous feeding of 2 to 3 blanks.

The plant has successfully run its first commercial order of 80,000 boxes for mead products with delivery in February 2008. This new technology will aid us in enjoying many new customers and orders in the coming year.

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