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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Interstate Container Fitchburg Moves to Westminster

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Source: Interstate News, Summer 2008

During the past three months, the Fitchburg sheet plant facility has been moving to a new location in Westminster,approximately five miles west of the present site. Since the acquisition of Interstate Container Fitchburg (ICF) in May 2003, Interstate Container has been leasing space to house the Fitchburg plant in a 190,000 square foot facility on three floors at 245 River Street in Fitchburg.

ICF is now relocating to 125,000 square feet of leased space at100 Simplex Drive in Westminster. It will occupy part of a 685,000 square foot Westminster building, which was constructed for the former Digital Equipment Corp.and formerly served as space for Simples-Grinnell LP,a Tyco International Ltd. Company. The move began in May and should be completed no later than October1, 2008.

This relocation provides an excellent opportunity to expand and grow our business at the new site and also to provide a fresh new image to the marketplace. In conjunction with the move, we are consolidating our sales and marketing approach to the market under the new name of “Interstate Container New England,”with two operating facilities - one in Lowell and one in Westminster. This new name will provide an opportunity to re-launch the two plants with one fresh new sales and marketing concept that we can take to new and existing accounts.

We expect to expand our business and grow with graphics, specialty products, and geographic and market segmentation diversification initiatives, supported by a strong marketing and lead generation program.

In order to support the new “Interstate Container New England” concept, we are consolidating the design teams from both Fitchburg and Lowell. The teams will be relocated together at a new “Interstate Container New England” design center in Westminster.

The real advantage of the relocation is to move the Fitchburg facility from a three-floor older textile factory to a single level modern manufacturing facility. This will allow us to be much more efficient in our manufacturing processes. It also provides the advantage of providing sufficient office space for plant management, as well as the design department.

Furthermore, this new space will allow us to create a showroom where customers can view products and interact with the design and sales teams to help sell our value-added product offerings.

The new Westminster and Lowell facilities will work closely together to provide diversified graphics and specialty products to the marketplace in a seamless manner. Both customer service departments and the consolidated design team will have the opportunity to schedule business to run at which ever facility is best for the customer and most profitable for the combined group.

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