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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Interstate Resources Organizes 2008 Controllers’ Conference

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Source: Interstate News, Summer 2008

The 2008 Controllers’ Conference was held 23-25 June at the Abraham Lincoln, a Wyndham Historic Hotel, in Reading, PA. The theme of the opening comments by Pierre Khattar of Interstate Resources was “Alignment in Turbulent Markets.” He facilitated a discussion on current results and the challenges of the coming year.

The meeting agenda also included Inventory Management, Control and Profitability, and Product Cost analysis. Paul Zimmerman introduced additional topics relevant to profitability, cash flow, and control of company assets. Sandra Bridges led a discussion on the Management Letter Comments from

Chad Brown facilitated a review of the benefits gained from the recent peer reviews, and Larry Haraschak and Michelle Heathershaw presented their observations on the methods and timing of Intercompany cross-charges.

Jim Morgan joined the group to discuss the strategic direction of Interstate Resources and the growth opportunities that are being pursued. The group also toured the Evergreen Community Power facility currently under construction.

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