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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Evergreen Community Power Project Continues to Progess

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Source: Interstate News, Fall / Winter 2008

The largest single investment in the history of Interstate Resources continues to progress in Reading, Pennsylvania. Directly behind the United Corrstack (UCI) facility sits the assets and buildings comprising Evergreen Community Power (ECP). The 6-acre plot of real estate has taken on a dramatically different profile since the beginning of construction. In fact, ECP is visible from many perspectives approaching the South section of Reading, adding both a touch of class and anticipation to the current skyline!

As the calendar approaches Christmas 2008, ECP continues the journey toward the completion of avery complex and intense construction period. In October 2008, a major milestone was met with the successful execution of the hydrostatic testing of the boiler. Certain sections of the boiler were filled with water and the overall system was pressurized at one and half times the normal operating pressure - the boiler held pressure on the first attempt

This is a real tribute to the efforts of the entire project team, the boiler supplier, and installation contractors involved in the boiler erection and welding. Speaking of contractors, over 400 crafts men were on the job during the peak construction periods.

Many come with experience in the Power Industry. This group will form the nucleus of talent and skills to achieve the significant energy benefits that ECP has been designed to deliver. Next year will be extremely demanding and challenging—this team will be instrumental in meeting the project objectives.

Looking ahead to 2009, the check out effort will be in full swing once construction comes to a close. Natural gas firing and tuning of the boiler will follow to set the control systems leading to the initial steam turbine testing and set-up. Biomass will be introduced once all of the subsystems are operating properly and the air emissions equipment will guarantee compliance levels.

ECP Boiler STG Building, facing south

Currently, the project has experienced a reduction in the workforce to a level of 250 people, signaling an end to the major bulk construction phase and ushering in the very critical efforts of check out and start up. The boiler building is just shy of 200 feettall – everyone associated with the project is looking forward to the installation of the service elevator to alleviate the multiple trips up and down the stair towers.

In fact, Art McLaughlin, ECP Operations Manager, has been able to cut back on his home exercise routine given the number of floors he scales on a daily basis! An experienced and impressive operating team has been hired from both inside (transferring fromeither ICR or UCI) and outside our organization.

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