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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Interstate Container Lowell Supplies Boston Coffee Cake

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Source: Interstate News, Fall / Winter 2008

Interstate Container Lowell received their first order from Boston Coffee Cake in September 2008, but the process started four years earlier. In 2004, I was watching a local television show called “The Phantom Gourmet". Boston Coffee Cake was featured on the show. During the show, they gave a tour of the bakery and the warehouse, but all I noticed were the pallets of corrugated.

Boston Coffee Cake then became a prospect, but the sales cycle was very slow. By being very persistent for the next four years, we finally earned our chance to quote. What separated Interstate Container Lowell from the incumbent was that we came in with cost saving ideas. This opened the door for us.

The next step was a tour of Interstate Container Lowell and, after they met our management and staff, we received a trial order.
Following this successful trial order, we now had a new account. We were running 100% of their brown boxes. We were now ready to go for high graphics. During the holiday season, Boston Coffee Cake does a very large mail order business. Their gift boxes were labeled, E-flute die-cuts for which we were asked to quote.

Once again, we came in with cost savings by going to direct print rather than labels. The Graphic Designers in our Westminster facility said that we could direct print these on Kemi.

We began working with City Stamp (Die Vendor) and CRI (Ink Vendor), as well as the customer, who was willing to tweak their graphics to make it friendlier to print on corrugated. Proofs and color swatches were submitted and approved. We were awarded the order for the three gift boxes and 14 new regular slotted container’s that are used for their mail order business.

The next step was press approval. During this process, a few more changes were made to the print and new plates were made. Mark Forman, President of Boston Coffee Cake, could not make the next press approval, but said “You know what I’m looking for…I trust you and Interstate Container Lowell.” We now had a partner.

Boston Coffee Cake Brief History
Boston Coffee Cake is a family-owned business that was founded in 1992 with the goal of making the best coffee cake. Their recipes are based on those of their grandmothers and have been passed down for generations. The company started out in a 1600 square foot bakery in Woburn, Massachusetts, making 50 cakes perday.

Today, they are located in a 40,000 square foot bakery located in Ward Hill, Massachusetts, producing over 10,000 cakes per day. They have been featured on “The Phantom Gourmet” and have won numerous awards. They are particularly proud of their award from the American Tasting Institute for “The Best Coffee Cake in America.

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