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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Interstate Container Reading Acquires New Bobst Mastercut

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Source: Interstate News, Fall / Winter 2008

Addressing the need of Interstate Container Reading’s customer base for precise die cutting, and recognizing the need to be a “most” efficient producer of flat bed die cuts, Interstate Container- Reading has recently commissioned the first complete Mastercut 2.1 size Platen Die Cutter Line in the USA. There have been two previous die cutters installed, but they were not complete material handling lines by Bobst.

Our INDEVCO Group affiliate, Unipak Nile, had installed a Bobst 2.1 Die Cutter and encouraged by their success with the Bobst equipment, Reading confirmed an order for a full Mastercut machine center.

In order to install the machine within the Reading plant manufacturing area, Project Engineer Mike Vlastos had to relocate three existing converting machines within the plant. This was no small task since Mike was simultaneously moving and reinstalling a Flexo Folder-Gluer to North Brunswick, NJ, and moving and reinstalling the High BoardlineHycorr from Cambridge, MD.

The installation was completed two weeks ahead of schedule, with no shortfalls or deficiencies.

With the addition of the 2.1 size Mastercut, Interstate Container Reading has an impressive array of precision converting and finishing equipment on the east coast. The Mastercut complements the Bobst Pacific F/G with Poly-Joiner that was also recently installed.

INDEVCO Group's area managers have a good knowledge of where their customer base is heading with respect to product needs. They are able to accurately anticipate the mix of equipment needed to sustain the customers' needs.

Moreover, the group's owners and our executive management support the initiatives of the plants.

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