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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Southcorr Packaging Supplies Cherry Bomb

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Source: Interstate News, Spring / Summer 2009

Southcorr Packaging's newest customer, Cherry Bomb, manufactures a timeless American classic familiar to many auto enthusiasts across the US and abroad - exhaust equipment that produces a distinguishable sound loved by many “hot rodders.”

“In the development of high performance mufflers, there is one name that stands apart - the Cherry Bomb© Glasspack, first introduced in 1968 by the Maremont Corporation. This bright red, 2’ core, long straight pipe muffler with a baffled channel lined in fiberglass, produced an unmistakable, one-of-a-kind throaty sound with less back pressure for a noticeable improvement in performance.

Its timely introduction occurred during 1968 - 1971, the beginning of one of the most exciting times in the development of hot rods. Relatively in expensive to own, these cars were easy to modify and packed with power. The Cherry Bomb Glasspack became a standard bolt-on as it embodied in sound, the horsepower under the hood.”

Forty years later, Southcorr Packaging is producing packaging for a product packed with nostalgia, made right here in East Tennessee!

A “silver lining” to the global economic downturn is a noticeable surge in aftermarket auto parts, purchased by consumers looking to upgrade rather than trade existing vehicles. This surge, combined with CherryBomb’s recently transitioned manufacturing from Texas to the Tennessee facility, is a welcome boon to the local economy.

Southcorr Packaging’s first order was the result of an innovative design idea by Kory Doane (Lead Designer). The design is a“six-cornered” pre-glued tray that replaces a nonglued ROE box, reducing hand labor in excess of 60%! This idea got the attention of Cherry Bomb’s production management team and allowed us to move into manufacturing litho labeled packaging for their retail products.

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