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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Southcorr Packaging Implements Plastic Strapping Recycling Program

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Source: Interstate News, Spring / Summer 2009

Early in 2008, Southcorr Packaging LLC, the Greeneville facility implemented a plastic strapping recycling program. Sweed Choppers were strategically placed at various machine centers throughout the plant floor to aid in chopping plastic strapping for recycling. The program has been structured around cost avoidance, rather than generation of potential revenues.

One of our primary goals is the reduction of disposal fees. Less disposable scrap results in fewer dumpster pick-ups, which lead to a savings in disposal fees. Of course, there are other significant reasons for recycling, including environmental benefits, but a successful recycling program is a definite way to add to the facility’s bottom line.

Prior to implementing this program, the amount of loose banding that we generated would fill a 15-yard dumpster. We are now putting this same amount of scraping one or two bulk boxes and hauling them away for recycling. By reducing the number of times a dumpster is emptied, Southcorr Packaging is increasing the bottom line.

Reduced dumpster fees, reduced labor costs, positive environmental impact, more efficient house keeping, and money for reprocessed scrap. Southcorr Packaging and the environment are benefiting from this recycling program!

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