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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Evergreen Community Power Projects Progress

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Source: Interstate News, Spring / Summer 2009

Significant progress in construction, checkout and training at Evergreen Community Power (ECP) took place since quarter 2.

Construction was focused on the biomass material handling system, the boiler water treatment, the piping, and the electrical contracts. All of this was completed in the first half of 2009. At the peak, there were over 250 contractors working on site, in addition to the Phoenix team and ESI construction management.

As soon as construction was completed on an area,the checkout and commissioning process began. The operating team, led by Art McLaughlin (OperationsManager), Pete Kline (Operations Manager), Bret Pardew (Production Manager), and Cliff Heistand (Maintenance Manager) has been intimately engaged with the checkout process, which should be completed by June.

The entire team had three weeks of webbased training, followed by four weeks of classroom training, provided by General Physics, Inc. ECP received a Training Grant from the State of Pennsylvania to help offset the costs for the development and delivery of the training.

Next major milestones:

Boilout - To chemically clean the boiler internals.
Steamblows - To assure the quality of steam for the turbine.
Fire on Biomass - Production of steam with solid fuel.
Power to the Grid - Sale of electricity by September!

The biomass boiler has begun “sustainable” steaming.The first fire on natural gas occurred on Monday, June 8th, at 4:15pm. At that time, the furnace temperature was 617° F, the drum pressure was 127 psig, and the steam flow was 29,000 pph. Biomass fuel will be introduced in July.

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