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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Interstate Resources Employees & Customers Attend Safety Training

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Source: Interstate News, Summer 2008

One of America’s leading safety experts and trainers, Joe Teeples, led two training sessions for Interstate Resources, each three and a half days long. The first one was in Interstate Container Reading, Pennsylvania, and, the next week, he repeated the session in Interstate Container Cambridge, Maryland.

All participants, including personnel from Interstate Resources customers at both sessions, were certified at the end for completing the Occupational Safety & Health Administration OSHA 30-hour Training, a standard that OSHA sets for safety leaders in private industry.

Joe Teeples, principal of “We’re Into Safety, Inc.,” has been teaching safety courses for 20 years and authored the standard text used in OSHA training. He developed his training skills by leading the training of OSHA Compliance Officers for the government, as well as training military safety officers. His style includes ensuring that all of the regulations “make sense” to companies. During the training, he pointed out that every regulation came into existence as a direct result of actual deaths and injuries.

Illustrating real life examples with photos, film clips,charts, statistics, and other teaching tools, Joe gave the participants a new understanding of improving safety on the job. Particularly impressive was Joe’s ability to answer specific questions with videos that were exactly on the point. His computer contains tens of thousands of photos and videos. He also directed the participants to websites for more information.

Joe Teeples will be invited back in coming years to repeat the sessions in other locations of the company. Contact Dan Sassi to schedule training.

Customer Service Interstate Resources Style
Offering customers the opportunity to attend world-class safety training is not the only way Interstate Resources adds unique customer service. Frequently, the company learns, generally through our Sales and Customer Service activities, of special needs that customers have that we can help with.

For example, our production and quality managers frequently visit our customers to help solve problems. Their assistance extends to any area in which we have expertise. Other examples include providing health care benefits information and advice, labor contract bargaining strategies, and human resource (HR) consulting. In recent months, customers of our paper mills and box plants have received consulting from us in all of the areas above.

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