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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Poultry & Seafood Producers Pack in Wax Replacement Boxes from Interstate Resources & Ship to Hunts Point

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Source: Interstate News, Spring / Summer 2 0 0 9

All Interstate Containers direct poultry and seafood customers pack their products in our boxes and ship them to Hunts Point for distribution. Hunts Point, the world’s largest food distribution center, is located in New York City (NYC). Food from around the world is sent to this center and distributed throughout the entire NYC area, a long with parts of New Jersey and New England. Millions of boxes of fruit, vegetables, poultry and beef (along with almost every other type of provision you can think of) comes through the distribution center.

Global Green is a well-known leader in fostering a global value shift towards a sustainable and secure future. They have developed an organization to expedite the removal of wax boxes (which are not recyclable) from Hunts Point, and into a package that will allow for fiber recovery. This new group, The Coalition for Resource Recovery (CORR) is being spearheaded by Interstate Container Cambridge.

As a pilot project for the CORR, we are conducting trials with Mountaire Farms on our wax replacement boxes. Our goal is to use the trials to accelerate the elimination of wax boxes.Our initial trials will be under way in June 2009 and we are already receiving positive press!

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