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Friday, May 8, 2009

United Corrstack's David Stauffer Receives BFTP Manufacturing Achievement Award

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Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP), one of the foremost Technology Economic Development agencies in the country, chose United Corrstack (UCI), as the company that best exemplifies achievement in the manufacturing arena, showing a proven track record of success and an unbending commitment to achieving and maintaining excellence in manufacturing.

David F. Stauffer, General Manager at UCI, located in Reading, Pennsylvania
, states, “At a time when recycling, renewable fuel, and energy independence are at the forefront of national consciousness, United Corrstack (UCI) is a model of green efforts.”

UCI produces recycled corrugated fluting paper, which is a component of cardboard boxes, and is in the process of developing its own power plant that burns biomass organic waste. UCI worked with Ben Franklin and Northampton Community College’s Electrotechnology Applications Center (ETAC), first to evaluate options to allow higher throughput at the facility and later to assess boiler fuel alternatives for UCI. Because of rising energy costs, UCI is creating its own cogeneration plant, generated by materials such as wood and agricultural waste, to provide steam and electricity.

UCI currently employs 80 and, through the energy plant, expects to create 25 new positions. UCI’s work with Ben Franklin and ETAC has helped the company to significantly improve its competitive position, and will increase employment and reduce landfill waste in the region.

Dave Stauffer, United Corrstack General Manager,
receives the Manufacturing Achievement Award
from Chad Brown, CEO of Ben Franklin Technology Partners

United Corrstack Team (L-R):
Chris Fell (Engineering Manager), Dave Stauffer (General Manager),
Larry Haraschak (Controller), and Rick Faust (Fulfillment Manager)
at the Ben Franklin Technology Partners Ceremony

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