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Monday, March 26, 2007

Interstate Container Brunswick Supplies Costco

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Source: Interstate News, Spring 2007

Interstate Container Brunswick supplies Costco. The corrugated manufacturing plant has been serving Northeast distribution center in Monroe, NJ for about 22 months now. This account continues to grow due tothe challenges they put forth and our ability to satisfy these requests.

Initially, Interstate Container Brunswick role was the small run, short lead time, specialty-type project supplier. The projects, for the most part, were promotional items that would be presented in their stores in a specialty package or pallet display. Usually these items were a one-time promotion with no repeat orders.

Production runs were 1000-3000 quantities of trays and inserts, which we developed. In the last year, we have been challenged with several key projects and have received high marks for our response. One more recent success story occurred this past holiday season when Costco struggled with a way to show three new video game systems: Nintendo Wii, MicroSoft X-Box 360, and Sony Playstation 3.

Costco wanted to bundle these games in their own package by including a controller, video game disc and other accessories not found in other stores. They designed a clam shell to house the systems. The problem was that supporting over 40 lbs each, the clam shell had inherent structural problems.

We designed a one-piece corrugated frame to protect the clam shell edges from damage and allow it to stand upright in a pallet display. The frame also provided maximum product visibility. By incorporating a suitcase-type handle we also gave the consumer an easy way to carry it. Costco continues to challenge us with projects.

Costco prides itself for finding ways to adapt new technology to make their packaging innovative and their customers’ shopping experience better. Our progress in this account reflects Interstate Container Brunswick’s ability to meet and exceed their challenge.

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