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Friday, October 26, 2007

Interstate Container Fitchburg Improves Direct Print Capabilities

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Source: Interstate News, Winter 2007

Interstate Container Fitchburg (ICF) continues to build on its direct print capabilities. Starting with the Lobster box, brought in by Salesman Richard Geyer, we received opportunities at Velcro and Pizzeria Uno. All were printed as 4-colors. Mike Lemieux brought in Uno; Velcro was a house account. This business continues to create differentiation between Interstate and its competition.

New Offerings

ICF has been busy playing with new products. Of note has been the use of a very fine metallic ink. We have metallic gold on the latest Lindt Chocolate displays and metallic silver on the Listerine displays for our Brunswick facility. This product offers the customer a very unique product to catch the consumer’s eye.

Secondly, we have also experimented with printing on a brushed stainless steel effect label. The label has some great applications within household appliances and as display headers, and is printable with our die-cutter.

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