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Monday, March 26, 2007

Southern States Packaging Company Sources Kraft Linerboard from Interstate Paper

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Source: Interstate News, Spring 2007

For the past eight years, Southern States Packaging Company has come to rely on Interstate Paper for solutions to a majority of their packaging needs. Interstate Paper supplies Southern States Packaging Company with linerboard that ranges in basis weight from 35# HRC to 69# Kraft liner.

In addition to these grades, Interstate Paper's product development team and manufacturing staff, are working closely to develop and commercialize several high bulk specialty grades that will allow Southern States to strategically position themselves in several niche markets.

This opportunity could generate a sizeable amount of new business for our Riceboro Mill. Due to Interstate Paper’s unique services including: our Just in Time (JIT) stocking program, attention to customers’ needs, and our outstanding quality that has met the needs and expectations of Southern States, we have earned a substantial supply position at this company. Our desire for the future is to expand our business at Southern States and further develop and sustain a preferred supplier relationship with this valuable customer.

Southern States Packaging Company, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, has been in business since 1984. The 27-year-old company is a leading manufacturer of paper board packaging products for a variety of industries. The company is a full service converter that manufactures a broad range of specialty products that include headers, roll wrap, solid fiber laminations, wax replacement, water, grease, and abrasion resistant coatings.

Substrates used to produce these unique products range from 26 # to 90 # kraft linerboard. Major equipment required to manufacture these specialty grades includes a state of the art coater (functional and non-functional coatings), laminators, sheeters, and die-cutters.

Due to Southern States’ sophisticated equipment, they are able to consistently provide their customers with laminations that require accurate coating weights, consistent profiles, and accurate moisture profiles. Southern States competes in a highly challenging market and because their business is so cost competitive, the company is always looking for ways to lower their cost wherever possible but not at the expense of quality.

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