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Monday, November 30, 2009

Interstate Paper Pursues Energy Saving Initiatives

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The United States Department of Energy has recently recognized Interstate Paper, a paper mill in Riceboro, Georgia, for participating in an energy savings assessment.

The assessment was completed collaboratively between the mill and Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). This assessment focused primarily on Interstate Paper’s “Power Island” and the two main steam and power users in the paper mill: the pulp mill and the paper machine.

The assessment team evaluated the operation and energy savings potentials in the following processes:

  • The black liquor recovery boiler
  • The biomass bubbling fluidized bed boiler
  • The power boiler
  • The evaporators
  • The digesters
  • Condensate return - paper machine

Interstate Paper received the 2008 assessment results, including the following “Best Practices,” “Continuous Improvements Process,” and “Strategic and Long-Term Recommendations/Opportunities” criteria:  

  • Long-Term Objective for the use of alternative fuel in the BFB Boiler and for recovering harvesting waste
  • Best Practice-Continuous Improvement Process for reducing boiler blow-down and for the increase of condensate recovery
  • Continuous Improvement Process for improving steam distribution, valves, and vessels insulation
  • Strategic and Long-Term Recommendations/Opportunities for installing condensing turbine to increase power generation
Overview of Interstate Paper Energy Saving Initiative
In 2007 and early 2008, Interstate Paper took the initiative and continued to work diligently toward achieving more energy savings ideas and better practices through day-to-day operations and long term capital planning and feasibility studies. The mill engaged its own personnel, as well as suppliers, to identify energy saving potentials in the mill. 
One of the suppliers, Goulds ITT, was hired to conduct a pump/energy audit. As a result, a total of 26 pumps across the mill were identified for potential energy savings through the implementation of a system upgrade, including fitting these pumps with an inverter duty high efficiency motor, as well as a variable frequency drive system, in lieu of the conventional fixed speed motors and re-circulation valves.
The project savings would primarily come from reducing electrical consumption per pump/motor, and improving the reliability of each application by reducing any system vibration affecting piping, valves, foundations, couplings, and eliminating re-circulation valves maintenance. In some cases, the upgrade would virtually eliminate pump failures due to excessive vibration and extend the life of mechanical components such as valves, piping, fittings, etc.
The paper mill carefully evaluated each application from an applicability and savings standpoint to make certain that savings were attainable and the application would improve beyond just energy savings.
Based on the mill’s own assessment, eight critical pumps with the highest returns were chosen for the upgrade. As a result, a $1.0MM project, submitted to the company owners and the board, was approved in early 2008. This system upgrade affected the pulp mill, paper machine, and power house.

Interstate Paper is a member of Interstate Resources Paper Division.  Interstate Resources is headquartered in Arlington, VA.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tamer Elsokkary Appointed Director, Global Infrastructure Support at Interstate Resources, Inc.

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Tamer Elsokkary joined Interstate Resources, Inc. as Director, Global Infrastructure Support on 13 November 2009.  In this global role, Tamer will support businesses in the US, as well as the Middle East.

Tamer comes to Interstate Resources from Printpack, where he served in a variety of engineering roles for the last 22 years.  His last position was as a Technical Consultant in Corporate Engineering.  Tamer brings a strong engineering background with project leadership and a depth of knowledge of the packaging and paper products industries.

Please join us in welcoming Tamer to the Interstate Resources family!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SouthCorr Packaging Completes Promotional POP Display

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SouthCorr Packaging has partnered with Arvato Digital Services and completed a new fully-assembled turnkey display, a corrugated promotional point-of-purchase (POP) display for their customer, CA on 1 November 2009. This display was on the floor at HH Gregg appliances and electronics superstores in Mid-November.

Arvato Digital Service is a leading provider of integrated solutions that include post-production, replication, fulfillment and distribution/supply chain management, financial services, and electronic software distribution. CA is one of the world's largest IT management software providers.

In August 2009, SouthCorr Packaging began designing and sampling this project by working on purchasing, client services, and design teams at Arvato and CA to provide a four-sided litho display with multi-layers of shelves along with 5 competitors.

After the project was completed and approved, Arvato ordered 300 complete corrugated displays for immediate delivery. Each stage of this project, from design, graphical work, production, assembly, and shipment, was executed flawlessly.

Arvato team has indicated that this display is one of the nicest they had ever seen or been able to supply to their customer base and they already started working on the next CA display for fulfillment.

CA Point-of-Purchase Display from Southcorr Packaging

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