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Monday, July 12, 2010

Sustainability at Interstate Resources: Interstate Paper Achieves 78% Fossil Fuel Reduction

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Interstate Resources has published a series of PDF files about the U.S.corrugated manufacturing group's sustainability efforts. Download this story at


In order to serve the customer, support the community and protect natural resources, Interstate Paper needed to find a way to develop environmentally friendly energy, maximize efficiencies and still produce a competitive product.


Interstate Paper has been improving their sustainable efforts for years. They’ve consistently reached past the “good enough” benchmark by constantly re-evaluating and adjusting their environmental focus and initiatives. These ongoing endeavors consist of maximizing current infrastructure and resources, investing in continuous improvements, and committing to future modifications.

Here’s a quick snapshot of successful initiatives toward safeguarding the environment:


  • Late 2003, Install Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) Boiler

    - Provides 62% reduction in mill wide fossil fuel consumption
    - Supplies 45% of steam for mill
    - Utilizes a variety of non fossil fuels
    - Bark, wood waste
    - Green chips (pine plantation thinning)
    - Tire derived fuel (shredded discarded tires)
    - Sludge derived from recycling boxes / old corrugated containers (OCC)
    - Uses less than 10% fossil fuel for start-up, shutdown and stabilization

  • 2007, Upgrade BFB

    - Improves air system, fuel feed system and ash handling
    - Provides improved boiler efficiency
    - Reduces fossil fuel an additional 39% compared to the previous best in 2006

  • 2009, Upgrade Recovery Boiler Burner Management System

    - Improves boiler reliability
    - Provides 55% of the mill steam from black liquor (a tree by-product of producing pulp)
    - Uses less than 2% fossil fuel for start-up, shutdown and stabilization
    - Provides steam for the mill and recovers chemicals

  • 2010, Super Heater Replacement Project

    - Improves reliability
    - Initiate project in 2009 with 2010 Installation


  • Fossil fuel, 78% reduction since 2003
  • Water, 14% reduction (9 ½ million gallons of water a day from 11 million gallons a day
  • Electricity, 40% from biomass
  • Sulfur dioxide (a major contributor to acid rain), 60% reduction since 2003
  • Steam reduction
  • Particulates emission (tiny solid particles), 38% reduction due to:
    - Better BFB air pollution controls
    - Ability to run the mill without the Power Boiler

Being a privately owned paper mill provides the opportunity to focus on investments for long-term growth and to aggressively pursue environmental sustainability improvements. This is truly a biomass driven paper mill since 2003, with less than 14% fossil fuel used to make steam.

Interstate Paper is a member of Interstate Resources, Inc., a member of INDEVCO Group, the 'Local Multinational of the Middle East'.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Interstate Container Cambridge Named WMDT/Mountaire Farms Environmental Star of the Month for July

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com

In a joint effort with Mountaire Farms, Interstate Container has developed a recyclable and compostable “GREENCOAT” box for use in packing and shipping poultry and other products, aimed at reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

(Millsboro, DE) – ABC affiliated television station in Salisbury, MD, WMDT and Mountaire Farms are proud to name Interstate Container Cambridge, MD, as the recipient of the WMDT/Mountaire Farms Environmental Star of the Month Award for July. For over a decade the box industry has faced the challenge of finding a viable alternative to wax coated boxes.

Under mounting pressure from major metropolitan areas and retailers to develop an environmentally friendly option, Interstate Container of Cambridge, a subsidiary of Interstate Resources, did the improbable, meeting the challenge head on and developing their patent pending GREENCOAT box. This unique box maintains all the strengths of its wax coat counterpart and none of its weaknesses.

In comparison, the box size has been slightly smaller, allowing for a reduction in the amount of paper needed to produce the box, and the inner plastic bag and wax coating once used on all boxes was eliminated. These subtle, but highly effective changes make the biggest difference possible, the new GREENCOAT box is 100% recyclable and compostable, thus reducing the millions of tons of waste destined for landfills & greenhouse gas emissions once seen with wax coated boxes.

This new packaging has passed the ISO 16929 protocol for plastic disintegration in a pilot scale composting facility, which means it meets the government’s environmental standards. It is for this innovative excellence Interstate Container was chosen as an Environmental Star of the Month.

Mountaire Farms, a proud partner of Interstate Container, has fully integrated the GREENCOAT boxes into their production facilities for use in packing and shipping poultry product throughout the United States and abroad. It was through a joint effort with Interstate Container that the GREENCOAT prototype, and its state-of-the-art technology, was first developed and unveiled to the world.

Mountaire Farms is the first company to utilize the 100% recyclable containers, which are inline to replace all wax boxes used in the U.S. supply chain. This industry switch over as a whole will not only eliminate waste, but will also provide noticeable decreases in water and energy usage. And Interstate Container can proudly say they where the driving force behind this latest technological innovation, placing them at the forefront of the industry.

According to Pete Bugas, General Manager, Interstate Container,

“This a major step to permanently remove wax boxes throughout the supply chain in the United States. This box now provides the end-user with a recycling option; it also is certified compostable, which is yet another avenue to prevent boxes from being land-filled.”
Earlier this year the GREENCOAT boxes were first tested on Mountaire product destined for the New York City market, which runs through the Hunt’s Point Distribution facility in New York. Interstate Container, in partnership with Global Green USA and Mountaire, commenced the conversion of Mountaire’s New York City business to these FBA-certified recyclable boxes. This initial trial was implemented at Mountaire’s Lumber Bridge North Carolina facility, the largest poultry processing plant in the country.

By transitioning Mountaire’s business to GREENCOAT boxes, the New York City market alone will now be able to recycle over 6,000 tons of poultry boxes per year. If all of Mountaire’s boxes servicing New York City are recycled, greenhouses gases would be reduced by 21,000 mtCO2e per year, equivalent to removing 3,800 passenger cars off the road.

After witnessing these glowing results, it was an easy decision for Mountaire to formulate a plan to not only convert their existing modified atmosphere packaging to recyclable boxes, but also to convert their ice pack product to atmosphere packaging as well, in turn allowing for a complete transition of the entire product line to recyclable boxes. Full conversion of facilities in Lumber Bridge, NC, Selbyville, DE and Millsboro, DE has already been completed.
“Because we’re an agricultural company, we have an obligation to take care of the earth. In order to sustain our business, we need to have good soil, clean water, and clean air to grow our crops and raise our chickens. It is all part of our way of being.”- Larry Saywell, VP of Marketing, Mountaire Farms
The WMDT/Mountaire Environmental Star of the Month Award is designed to honor local individuals or groups for outstanding achievement in promoting environmentalism on Delmarva. Anyone contributing to the advancement, promotion, awareness and improvement of our Delmarva environment is eligible for this unique television and Mountaire tribute.

To request information about GREENCOAT wax alternative boxes, contact: greencoat@interstatecontainer.com.

Source: www.mountaire.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=content.pageDetails&id=2014&typeID=551
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