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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Interstate Container Reading Acquires SFI Certification

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Bureau Veritas recognizes Reading, Pennsylvania corrugated packaging manufacturer for its high professionalism and commitment to consistent quality standards.

Interstate Container Reading received Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification from the third-party certification body,
Bureau Veritas North America on 17 August 2010. Interstate Container Reading met the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program requirements for fiber sourcing, chain of custody, and product labels.

This certification demonstrates Interstate Container Reading’s social responsibility and commitment to fulfilling customer requirements.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) is an internationally recognized standard established by SFI Inc., a non-profit organization, to promote responsible forestry practices. This standard is continuously developed to integrate the most recent scientific information and up-to-date market issues.[1]

Steps Undertaken to Acquire SFI Certification

Interstate Container Reading undertook numerous steps to be eligible for the SFI certification. In January 2010, Jeff Coleman, Vice President - Key Accounts & Strategic Growth, submitted an application requesting Interstate Container Reading be audited to receive SFI certification.

In March 2010, Georges Salloum, Graphics & Design Development Engineer, began working with a consultant and plant employees to prepare for the SFI audit on 1 and 2 June 2010. Key individuals, mostly in customer service, accounting and operations underwent training.

SFI also required Interstate Container Reading to write a policy statement and procedures, as well as ensure that paper rolls purchased to make corrugated boxes come from certified paper mills. For future audits, Interstate Container Reading must trace all paper rolls used to responsible sources, whether SFI-certified or not.

The Significance of SFI Certification

Consumers demand environmentally friendly products and support companies that exhibit social responsibility and environmental awareness. The SFI-label assures customers that a product is eco-friendly and that the manufacturer cares about forest management.

Interstate Container Reading demonstrated corporate citizenship by attaining SFI certification, supporting its customers
Wal-Mart and Hershey Foods Corporation in their quest to be more environmentally-conscious and to promote eco-friendly packaging practices.

Through SFI labels, Interstate Container Reading offers customers transparency concerning fiber used to make the packaging products. Customers are assured that paper and wood fibers used in the corrugated packaging come from a legal and responsible source.

What is the SFI Certification?

SFI standard can be broken down into three parts:

  • SFI forest certification

  • SFI chain-of-custody certification

  • SFI fiber sourcing certification

The SFI forest certification is granted to companies that have forest land and adhere to SFI requirements for conscientious forestry practices.[2]

The SFI chain-of-custody certification tracks forest product manufacturing down the supply chain, from raw materials to end product. A manufacturer through this certification can track what percentage of its product contains fibers from certified forest lands and recycled materials.

The SFI fiber sourcing certification addresses the percentage of materials that come from non-certified sources. A manufacturer must demonstrate that its non-certified supplier is socially responsible and follows legal procedures.

Interstate Container Reading purchases from sister companies: kraft linerboard fom
Interstate Paper in Riceboro, GA and recycled medium from United Corrstack in Reading, PA.

Interstate Container Reading, Interstate Paper and United Corrstack are members of Interstate Resources, Inc., a member of INDEVCO Group.

[1] http://www.sfiprogram.org/sustainable_forestry_initiative_standard.php
[2] http://www.sfiprogram.org/sfi-standard/index.php
[3] http://www.sfiprogram.org/sfi-standard/index.php

Contact Information

George K. Salloum
Graphics & Design Development Engineer
Interstate Container Reading, LLC
100 Grace Street Reading, PA 19611

Tel: + 610-208-9301

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Sustainability at Interstate Resources: Easy Set-Up POP Displays Assembled in 6 Seconds

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com

Interstate Resources has published a series of PDF files about the U.S. corrugated manufacturing group's sustainability efforts. Download this story at


Millions of dollars are lost when over 50 percent of the corrugated point of purchase (POP) displays are wasted. Due to assembly complexities, time limitations or a transient workforce, many displays never get assembled.
Interstate Container Reading, the “go to” source for problem-solving, recognized the need for better, retail friendly, easily assembled displays.


By simplifying display designs and using a fresh, differentiated approach, Interstate Container Reading is able to create innovative, easy to use, holistic displays that can be customized to individual customer needs.

Today’s retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are focused on reducing packaging costs, problem-solving, eliminating waste and using fossil fuel alternatives. Interstate Container Reading brings a high level of commitment, creativity and responsibility to find the right, customized display solution for each customer’s situation.

Using their Pacific 3.0 with the Polyjoiner module, the Interstate Container Reading creative design team has developed dozens of new displays, taking as little as six seconds or less to pop into place. Easy POP customers reduce waste and get a strong return on investment since their high impact displays are assembled and deployed within the retail setting, leading to greater product placement visibility.

Retailers and CPG companies are enthusiastic about the Easy POP display configurations, simplicity and increased product visibility. The customized display offers function, quality and aesthetics.

The patented Easy POP display units can be custom printed in up to four colors. Let Interstate Container Reading help you present your product with an eyecatching display.


Interstate Container Reading’s equipment includes: Pacific 3.0 and Polyjoiner/folder gluer, BHS corrugators, Bobst platen die-cutter and Bobst color press. These allow for award winning full-service graphic packaging and POP displays.

Interstate Container Reading is a member of Interstate Resources, Inc., a member of INDEVCO Group, the 'Local Multinational of the Middle East'.

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