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Friday, September 18, 2015

Interstate Container’s Show-Stopping Merchandising Displays on Exhibit at PACK EXPO 2015

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Visitors at PACK EXPO 2015 will find a range of display solutions at Interstate Container’s Booth # S-6456 – from promotional packaging produced on the Highcon Euclid II+ digital cutting and creasing machine to custom corrugated merchandising displays and pre-printed pallet base wrap. The show runs from September 28-30 at Las Vegas Convention Center.

Interstate Container works closely with advertising and promotion companies, brand owners, and retailers to evaluate requirements and to deliver the most cost-effective displays and packaging. The manufacturer attends to the entire logistics chain - structural and graphic design, printing, folding, palletizing, and shipping – to reduce costs and to often deliver ahead of deadline.

Diverse capabilities in different locations along the East Coast allow Interstate Container to accommodate small-to-medium runs and corresponding budgets, simple to complex graphic and structural designs, need for digital, direct or pre-print, and short to long lead times. The company also offers warehousing and fulfillment services.

Highcon™ Euclid II+ Digital Cutting & Creasing

Carolina Graphic Services, an Interstate Container sister company, in Greensboro, North Carolina, purchased one of the initial three Highcon Euclid (II+) machines for fully digital cutting and creasing, in North America. Direct-to-pack, the Highcon Euclid prints on folding carton, microflute, converting paper and labels.

Doug McKee, Carolina Graphic Services Founder and Interstate Container General Manager, describes,

“The beauty of the Highcon Euclid II+ is that a company can approach us for a small run or prototype. Literally - in hours - we can have something ready. The customer brings the graphic design, and our creative team develops the structural design. With only this, we can have something to show in relatively no time.”
The Highcon saves customers tooling costs associated with conventional analogue dies. By converting packaging without tooling, the machine provides delicate and unlimited cutting options not previously possible. On demand, it cuts carton and other materials quickly and accurately.

Optical registration ensures precise structure, while optimized cutting algorithms and double speed through-put increase overall speed and faster delivery.
In his Packaging Digest article, High-tech cartons converted with distinction Editor Rick Lingle writes,
Digital cutting technology to replace standard die cutting is another option that packaging material converters can employ to provide brand owners with cartons that possess strong on-shelf presence.” [3]

Merchandising Display Solutions

When companies are looking for creativity from their suppliers, it often stops with the design of the display or packaging. Interstate Container sister company, PSI Packaging Services in Greeneville, Tennessee, won First and Second Place awards for structural design at 2014 CorrPak Awards.

However, McKee explains further, 
“What is creativity? For us, it’s more than our designers offering out-of-the-box graphic and structural designs. It’s when our team searches for creative ways to reduce customer costs. And that’s related to the entire logistics chain. Our team says things like: ‘We can already do this without additional costs” or “We can modify this to work for your display.’ 
It’s this type of creative thinking that affects speed-to-market, which is a major differentiator for us. We’ve gone from concept to finished displays delivered in only 3-4 days.”

Single-Face Base Wrap for Pallet Display Promotion

Interstate Container (DBA Creative Color Display) in New Castle, Pennsylvania manufactures award-winning pre-print base wrap. In packagePRINTING’s 2014 Excellence Awards, the manufacturer won 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place for High Print Quality.
“Corrugated base wrap,” explains Scott Sallah of Interstate Southern Packaging, “is an economical way to advertise popular consumer product brands, such as beer and other beverages, for example, that are shipped and displayed on pallets in big box stores, rather than paying for custom POP displays.”
Interstate Container manufactures this product under one roof - including design, pre-printing, corrugating, winding and packaging. With small flute size, the single face pallet wrap fits more rolls on a truck, reducing freight and storage costs. Because it lays flat and forms around sharp corners without tearing or cutting, base wrap is easy to place in the retail environment.  Further, its 2/3 recycled material content also makes it environmentally-friendly.

About Interstate Container

Interstate Container combines local presence with global experience as a division of Interstate Resources, Inc., employing over 1500 people in the US, and a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group. The company’s reach spans the Eastern and Southern US with 12 manufacturing plants and 7 warehouses located in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, East and South regions.

Interstate Container’s reach spans across the Eastern US with 12 manufacturing plants and 7 warehouses located in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, East and South regions.

[1] http://www.highcon.net/ 
[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McmYrUwz9Is 
[3] Lingle, R. (2015, February 02). High-tech cartons converted with distinction. Retrieved from Packaging Digest : http://www.packagingdigest.com/cartons/high-tech-converted-cartons-converted-with-distinction150202
[4] http://news.interstateresources.com/2014/09/interstate-container-new-castle-wins.html
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Interstate Container Supplies Wax-Free Cabbage Boxes to Northampton Growers in Global Green USA / National Retailer Pilot

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As part of the pilot test launched by Global Green USA with a prominent national grocer, Interstate Container contributed Greencoat no-wax, 100% recyclable corrugated boxes to the trials.

Read full release from Global Green USA:


Turning Waste Into Assets: Global Green USA Works with National Grocer and Key Supplier to Save Money and Reduce GHG Emissions

September 15, 2015 (Los Angeles, CA) —Global Green USA, in conjunction with a national grocer with over 1300 location and members of its national Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR), coordinated a pilot that led to the conversion of all cabbage packing at major produce supplier Northampton Growers to 100% recyclable packaging for cabbage. As a result, the 125,000 boxes used during this upcoming cabbage season that would have been made of unrecyclable wax-coated corrugated cardboard will instead be packed in recyclable boxes, saving thousands of dollars for each location and reducing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to planting over 15,000 trees.

“If all unrecyclable corrugated packaging were replaced with recyclable alternatives, and recycled, the greenhouse gas emissions reduction would be equivalent to shutting down an entire coal-fired power plant with no energy loss, and grocers and restaurants across the country could save $200 million,” said Lily Kelly, Global Green’s Senior Program Associate and the project coordinator. “Northampton Growers and their grocer customer are setting the standard by making recyclable packaging a priority for produce, and we are proud to have helped them make this important change.”

“We are thrilled that this recyclable packaging is performing so well,” said Calvert Cullen, President of Northampton Growers. “This switchover means that our customers will be receiving 75,000 recyclable cabbage boxes that they can bale and sell with the regular corrugated cardboard, which will save them thousands of dollars. We are glad that Global Green initiated this project, which is a key step toward helping all our customers reduce waste and save money.” 

The initial pilot project tracked recyclable, water-resistant Greencoat® packaging made by CoRR member Interstate Container from its packing in Moultrie, Georgia to its successful delivery to St. Louis, Missouri, a journey of over 750 miles. The boxes and their contents arrived intact, leading the grower to eventually ship all their cabbage in recyclable, water resistant boxes.

The Greencoat® boxes, which are provided by Interstate Container, are made from recycled material, and are recyclable in accordance with the Fibre Box Association’s recyclability and repulpability protocol for wax-alternative coatings. “Many farms in the Southeast US and elsewhere have already switched over to recyclable packaging, including our Greencoat® boxes, but many more are still using unrecyclable wax-coated boxes to ship food from the farm to the grocery store,” said Jeff Cormier, National Sales Manager for Interstate Container.  “We are delighted that Global Green created this opportunity to help grocers save money by bringing recyclable produce packaging to grocers across the country and one of their major suppliers, and show how strong and cost-effective these boxes can be.” 

Greens, vegetables, seafood, and meats are often transported in paraffin-coated cardboard, generating 1.47 million tons of solid waste that must be sent to landfills or burned. Old corrugated cardboard is the most widely recovered packaging material in the country (91% recovered, according to the US EPA). If coated corrugated cardboard for produce were designed for recyclability, it could be collected and recovered in nearly every community in the US.


Global Green USA is dedicated to helping the people, places, and the planet in need through catalytic projects, transformative policy, and cutting-edge research. Global Green USA's signature programs include greening affordable housing, schools, neighborhoods, and cities as well as rebuilding communities -- such as New Orleans and areas of New York and New Jersey -- that have suffered from the impacts of climate change, sea level rise, and environmental degradation. For more information, visit globalgreen.org and follow us @globalgreen.

Lily Kelly | Senior Program Associate
645 Harrison St, #200
San Francisco, CA 94107
tel: 415-697-0399
cel: 646-942-7968

About Interstate Container

Interstate Container combines local presence with global experience as a division of Interstate Resources, Inc., employing over 1500 people in the US, and a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group. The company’s reach spans the Eastern and Southern US with 12 manufacturing plants and 7 warehouses located in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, East and South regions.


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Friday, September 11, 2015

Interstate Container to Highlight Greencoat® High-Graphic Moisture Resistant Packaging at Pack Expo 2015

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com 

Greencoat pre-printed wax-free boxes, a game changer for companies interested in achieving high-quality branding with sustainable water resistance, will be on display at Booth # S-6456 at Pack Expo 2015 from September 28-30 at Las Vegas Convention Center.

Cambridge, Maryland. September 11, 2015 - Interstate Container now delivers a high-graphic pre-print solution to companies that ship and store products in a wet environment, simultaneously meeting their needs to differentiate their brands and to transition to sustainable packaging.

Standing Out Against Competitors

Greencoat 100% recyclable and compostable boxes are pre-printed, then coated, to protect goods throughout the cold supply chain and to help customers stand out against competitors in wholesale and retail environments.

Interstate Container produces and ships over 5 million Greencoat boxes every month from plants in Columbia, SC and Cambridge, MD. Coating is performed in-line, rather than outsourced to third parties, saving time and resources.
“We’ve developed one of the most important innovations in packaging in recent memory, with the ultimate goal to eliminate wax boxes entirely from the marketplace,” explains Pete Bugas, Global Director of Greencoat at Interstate Container
“The potential for Greencoat® wax-free coated applications – outside those commonly used for poultry, fresh produce, and seafood – are numerous. We envision, for example, outdoor displays in garden centers that withstand all weather conditions, among other ideas.   
Being on the cutting edge of new ideas is exciting. We challenge and welcome companies to work Hand-In-Hand with us to improve their packaging – and the planet.” 

Working Hand-in-Hand with Retailers, Foodservice Distributors & Restaurant Chains

According to Global Green USA Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR), fresh produce, meat and seafood producers alone generate 1.45 million tons of solid waste from paraffin-coated cardboard [1].

Interstate Container’s team works #Hand-In-Hand with food processors, growers and packers, on one hand, and nation-wide supermarkets, food service distributors, and restaurant chains, on the other, to transition one phase at a time to 100% recyclable and repulpable corrugated packaging. 

While heavily used by food processors, Greencoat corrugated board can be developed into a variety of new and innovative water-resistant products for consumer applications.

Replacing Wax & EPS Foam

Retailers have played an important role in the current high rate (90%) of corrugated box recovery and old corrugated container recycling [2]. The current consumer demand for sustainable packaging will likely tip a transition away from wax boxes, as well as EPS styrofoam, for foodservice distributors and restaurants as well. 

Greencoat packaging replaces wax boxes, which are still widely used;  end users in the supply chain must pay to landfill these wax boxes across the country.

Benefitting from Greencoat

Transitioning to Greencoat boxes not only removes wax disposal fees of up to $70 per ton but also generates up to $80 per ton when recycled.

From an environmental point of view, recycling 100 tons of Greencoat boxes saves 1,527 million BTUs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 312 tons of MTCO2E and 85 tons of MTCE. Compared to landfilling, the cost of 100 Tons of wax boxes is equivalent to energy consumption of 21 million BTUs and emission of 52 tons of MTCO2E and 14 tons of MTCE greenhouse gases.

About Interstate Container

Interstate Container combines local presence with global experience as a division of Interstate Resources, Inc., employing over 1500 people in the US, and a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group. The company’s reach spans the Eastern and Southern US with 12 manufacturing plants and 7 warehouses located in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, East and South regions.

Interstate Container
903 Woods Road
Cambridge, MD 21613

Tel: 410-221-1508
Website: www.interstatecontainer.com; www.greencoat.net

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Interstate Container to Exhibit Custom & Specialty Corrugated Solutions at PACK EXPO 2015

Interstate Resources News homepage: http://news.interstateresources.com 

Corrugated packaging manufacturer, Interstate Container, will exhibit custom merchandising displays and high-graphic moisture-resistant packaging during PACK EXPO 2015. The trade show will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from September 28-30.

During the annual processing and packaging event, representatives will be available at Booth # S-6456 to discuss not only Interstate Container’s range of corrugated packaging but also design and color management services, warehousing and fulfillment, and key account management.

Custom Corrugated Display Solutions

Interstate Container produces a range of solutions for retail brands: corrugated merchandising displays, retail ready and shelf ready packaging, and pre-print single face for highly visible pallet base wrap, including short-runs.

With decades of experience, Interstate Container performs the A-Z of manufacturing single-face base wrap under one roof. The manufacturer’s cost-effective, high-quality print and sustainable packaging help customers influence buying decisions and maximize retail sales.

With the Highcon™ Euclid II+ digital cutting and creasing machine, Interstate Container offers rapid speed-to-market, delivery of packaging requiring no plate and tooling costs. The machine offers a shorter set-up process, high-speed laser cutting and precision optics, as well as other additional features that enhance accuracy, quality, productivity and functionality. The end result is an excellent high-quality package delivered within a short period of time.

Greencoat® High-Graphic Moisture-Resistant Packaging

Interstate Container works ‘Hand-In-Hand’ with like-minded partners throughout a moist supply chain – poultry and seafood processors, fresh produce growers and packers – along with their customers - retailers, foodservice distributors, and restaurant buyers - to transition, one phase at a time, to environmentally friendly packaging. 

Interstate Container’s Greencoat wax-free coated boxes are FDA-approved, 100% recyclable and repulpable. Strong and water-resistant, they are the sustainable alternative to wax boxes, reusable plastic crates, and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam packaging.

With pre-print capabilities, customers get water-resistance and branded designs that stand out in a retail or wholesale distribution environment.
“We’ve chosen Pack Expo to highlight our unique capability to provide a 100% recyclable water-resistant Greencoat® package combined with pre-print high graphics.  
Greencoat is particularly suited for companies that expose their product to the outdoor or adverse elements. Greencoat is unique in that it can highlight your products in outdoor garden centers, refrigerated conditions, and so many other places. We offer a corrugated package that can withstand Mother Nature while promoting and protecting your image,” explains Pete Bugas, Global Director of Greencoat at Interstate Container

About Interstate Container

Interstate Container combines local presence with global experience as a division of Interstate Resources, Inc., employing over 1500 people in the US, and a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group. The company’s reach spans the Eastern and Southern US with 12 manufacturing plants and 7 warehouses located in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, East and South regions.

Contact Info

Pete Bugas, Global Director of Greencoat
Interstate Container
903 Woods Road
Cambridge, MD 21613

Tel: 410-221-1508

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